Label Print & Apply Machine

labelprint-1Our Label Print & Apply Systems are quick, reliable and trouble free for broad range of products and applications.

As an expert we know 120 ways of label application including RFID and do supply consumables also.

labelprint-2Help us in understanding your application and get a  perfect solution.


Technologies Wipe ON Tamp ON Tamp Blow Blow ON
Label/Product Speed Same Stationary Symmetric Symmetric
Label/Product Direction Same Stationary No limit No limit
Method Contact Contact Non-contact Non-contact
Speed Upto 40m/min Zero High High
Accuracy Precision Precision High Limited


  • Innovative Design
  • Self Levelling Printhead
  • Automatic Self Diagnosis
  • Touch Screen
  • Easy Handling
  • Realtime Printing
  • Integration with Level 2 System
  • Apply labels easily on any substrate

  • Caters to wide range of applications
  • Power supply required-NIL
  • Easy to operate
  • Easy to handle
  • Technology offers label edge detector that automatically senses the leading edge of the label to  ensure accurate dispensing
  • Can apply even pressure-sensitive & RFID  labels ranging from 20mm to 100mm widthwise