profilescanProfileScan – Profile Measurement System employees Laser Technology to measure the following critical Parameters of the Tread besides logging the data on real time basis. These parameters are vital in the tyre industry for in process analysis.

The system comprises of a Laser Transmitter and Receiver unit mounted firmly on a Rigid C steel frame and a smooth traverse mechanism to move the product gently at steady speed while the scan is being done. Suitable guides are there so as to guide the products one-by-one in a line. A servo motor drive unit is driving the system. The ScanPro software displays all the measured images in real time basis and plotted graphically for a easy and quick analysis by the QC supervisor.


  • Tread Profile Measurement
  • Panel and Board Measurement
  • Sheet and Calendar Measurement
  • Gypsum Board
  • Wood Panels
  • Slabs & Sheet
  • Plywood


  • Tread Thickness
  • Over All Width
  • HUMP Width
  • Centre Line Gauge
  • Buttrest Gauge

  • Buttrest Distance
  • Shoulder Gauge
  • Tread Thickness Graph
  • Tread Real Time Data Log


  • Thickness Measurement Range: 25  80 mm
  • Width Measurement Range: 900 /1500 mm
  • Line Speed: Fixed
  • Accuracy: 0.1%
  • Resolution: 1/100 mm